Cisco ACI 5.2(5d) リリース

最新の ACI 5.2(5d) がリリースされていました。

実際にログインすると What's New in 5.2(5d) には以下のように表示されます。

  • ACI Fabric Software
    • Support for Mis-Cabling Protocol (MCP) strict mode
    • Support for Route Filtering and Aggregation
    • Support for Fallback Route Group
    • Service EPG selector for Endpoint Security Groups
    • Dynamic L3Out for external EPG classification
    • Support for BFD on secondary IPv4/IPv6 Subnets
    • DHCP Server preference
    • Support for DHCPv6 option 79
    • Support for the same encapsulation for IPv4 and IPv6
    • SSL option for transport protocol for syslog message
    • Sync-E support on port channels
  • Scale
    • BGP: 2K sessions/leaf and 20k/fabric
    • OSPF: 2K sessions/leaf and 12k/fabric
    • BFD: 2K sessions/leaf for Static, OSPF and/or BGP sessions