RHEL 6.1 がリリース

RedHat Enterprise Linux のバージョン 6.1 がリリースされていました。

www.redhat.com によると改善点は以下だそうです。

  1. Additional configuration options for advanced storage configurations with improvements in FCoE, Datacenter Bridging and iSCSI offload, which allow networked storage to deliver the quality of service commonly associated with directly connected storage
  2. Enhancements in virtualization, file systems, scheduler, resource management and high availability
  3. New technologies that enable smoother enterprise deployments and tighter integration with heterogeneous systems
  4. A technology preview of Red Hat Enterprise Identity (IPA) services, based on the open source FreeIPA project
  5. Support for automatic failover for virtual machines and applications using the Red Hat High Availability Add-On
  6. Integrated developer tools that provide the ability to write, debug, profile and deploy applications without leaving the graphical environment
  7. Improvements to network traffic processing to leverage multi-processor servers that are getting increasingly common